Horse Vision Centre

The Horse Vision Centre works with horses as co- facilitators to help people with their personal growth and learning.

They have found that people experience personal insights through the way horses respond to them and in turn the way individuals attempt to connect to these creatures.

Horses not only guide us to understand social interaction, but also teach us to read body signals, and to stay present and focused, leaving the past behind and not projecting into the future.

horse vision

horses helping humans

This is done through a variety of activities which build self awareness, an understanding of boundaries and body language, communication and listening skills.

People of all ages (from 7 yrs to 86 yrs old) and backgrounds have attended the centre.

Horse Vision Centre also cater to organisations and businesses for Professional Development.

Located on a picturesque treed 30 acres of land 7 km from Busselton in the beautiful South West of Western Australia, the setting lends itself to being a non threatening venue where people can relax and learn new ways of responding to the world.

Come and visit Horse Vision and see yourself through the eyes of a horse.

Written by RBN

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